On May 10, 2020, a water borehole was donated by Eta Omega Chapter and the nonprofit Eta Omega Foundation, Inc. to the Akwamufie community in Ghana, West Africa.  The borehole provides accessible clean water to Akwamufie’s 1800 residents, as well as the Akwamufie Community Clinic.  Prior to the borehole’s construction, residents obtained water by walking a mile from their community or drawing water from a nearby ditch.

The borehole project was spearheaded by Eta Omega’s Bro. Derrick Moite, who had previously been a member of the Tau Chi Chapter in Accra, Ghana.  This initiative to bring clean water to Ghana originated from Bro. Jonathan Akuamoah, a cofounder of Tau Chi Chapter, and the head of the TEAM CSR Ghana nonprofit organization.  Bro. Akuamoah and TEAM CSR have successfully raised funds and constructed several boreholes that were donated to rural communities throughout Ghana.  The Eta Omega Foundation provided funding for the Akwamufie borehole’s construction through grants totaling $4500.

The dedication ceremony was attended by members of the Akamufie community and brothers from Tau Chi Chapter representing Eta Omega.  Signage at the borehole bearing Eta Omega Chapter and Eta Omega Foundation’s logos was also unveiled.  Eta Omega is exceedingly proud to have uplifted our brothers and sisters in Ghana with this gift and hope that it provides a better quality of life for years to come.