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ETA Omega Chapter Committees

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Standing Committees

Committee Chairman Co-Chairman

Achievement Week

Bro. Anthony Aiken
Phone: 404-308-7077
Email: acaiken@yahoo.com
Bro. George Gilbert
Phone: 760-805-6846
Humanitarian Bro. Kenneth English
Email: KEng4375372@aol.com
Phone: 404-358-2708
Bro. Paul Simpson
Email: pds1@cdc.gov
Phone: 404-761-7533
NAACP Bro. Earl Westbrooks
Phone: 404-346-5988
Email: edwest1@aol.com
Omega Manhood Leadership Institute Bro. Chris Norman
Phone: 404-374-6256
Email: cknorman@mac.com
Reclamation & Retention Bro. Kevin Goodrum
Email: kgoodrum_mba@live.com
Bro. Ernest E. Perry
Phone: 404-788-2915
Email: perr937@bellsouth.net
Scholarship Bro. Wilbur T. Leaphart
Phone: 404-696-1032
Email: Wleaphart@aol.com
Bro. Josiah Townsel
Phone: 770-477-9831
Social Bro. Jason Russell
Email: jasonrussell@hotmail.com
Bro. Langston Longley
Phone: 404-396-9045
Email: mrllongley@yahoo.com
Social Action Bro. Derek Wilson
Email: d.tyron.wilson@gmail
Talent Hunt Bro. Myron Broome
Email: mr_broome1984@yahoo.com
Bro. Alfred Wyatt, Sr.
Phone: 404-696-2459
Email: awya1@bellsouth.net
Undergraduate Relations Travis Jones
Email: travis.st.jones@gmail.com
Bro. Vincent Smith
Email: vincetheprince1978@att.net

Ad Hoc Committees

Committee Chairman Co-Chairman
Audit Bro. Marvin Lampkin
Phone: 404-696-6075
Budget & Finance Bro. Isaac Clark, Jr.
Phone: 404-702-3197
Email: iclarkjr@bellsouth.net
Constitution & By Laws Bro. William Appling
Phone: 404-344-7636
Email: wla38@bellsouth.net
Fundraising Bro. Trennis Livingston
Phone: 770-312-1888
Email: trennislivingston@yahoo.com
Bro. Rod Prince
Phone: 404-683-2449
Email: rodprince11@aol.com
History and Archives Bro. Webster Wallace
Email: wlwallace123@gmail.com
Golf Tournament Bro. Jeff McKinnon
Email: jtm829@aol.com
Bro. Anthony Aiken
Phone: 404-308-7077
Email: acaiken@yahoo.com
Membership Bro. Trenton Merideth
Phone: 404-513-9576
Email: tmerideth@gmail.com
Website Bro. Jason Jackson
Email: jasonvjackson@gmail.com


Organization Contact Contact Information
Life Membership Bro. Bennie Louder
Phone: 404-344-8438
Email: louderb@aol.com
Panhellenic Council vacant vacant
Atlanta Quettes vacant vacant
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