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Nationally Mandated Programs

ACHIEVEMENT WEEK - Originally designed to promote the study of Negro life and history. Today, Achievement Week is used to seek out and give due recognition to those individuals at the local and national level who have made a noteworthy contribution toward improving the quality of life for black Americans (see also National High School Essay Contest).

SCHOLARSHIP - The Scholarship Program is intended to promote academic excellence among the undergraduate members. Graduate chapters are expected to provide financial assistance to student members and non-members. A portion of the fraternity's national budget is allocated to the Scholarship Fund now called the Charles R. Drew Memorial Scholarship Fund.

NATIONAL SOCIAL ACTION PROGRAM - A national committee coordinates the multifaceted program of the various chapters. Mostchapters are involved in voter registration, "getting-out-the-vote'," support of the NAACP, the National Urban League and hundreds of other programs.

TALENT HUNT PROGRAM - Originated in the Sixth District (North Carolina and South Carolina) and made its debut at the 1953 Cincinnati Grand Conclave. This program provides exposure, encouragement and financial assistance to talented young people. Currently, some participants at the national level are awarded college scholarships.

MEMORIAL SERVICE - March 12 of each year has been established as Memorial Day. Chapters are expected to conduct an appropriate service to recall the memory of those members who have entered Omega Chapter.

RECLAMATION-Concerted effort at the national, district, and local levels to return inactive brothers to full participatory status.

NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL ESSAY CONTEST - This is a phase of the National Achievement Week observance held in November of each year. The contest is open to all college-bound high school seniors. College scholarships are awarded to the winners, each of whom must submit an essay on a theme/topic which is chosen annually by the fraternity.

ASSAULT ON ILLITERACY PROGRAM (AOIP) - AOIP had its conceptual roots established in January of 1980, when a group of publishers associated with Black Media, Inc. (BMI) was made aware that approximately 44% of black Americans could neither read nor comprehend beyond the 4th grade. Omega Psi Phi and numerous other national organizations joined together to attack and ultimately reduce and eradicate illiteracy among blacks through reading tutorial programs.

SOUTH AFRICA PROJECT - Although apartheid has officially ended in the nation of South Africa, many black South Africans still suffer from a shortage of adequate resources and necessities. The most critical shortages are in the areas of health care and education. This humanitarian project is designed to provide assistance in these areas, particularly in the black townships.

SENIOR CITIZENS PROJECT - A program designed to provide services to senior citizens. Each Omega Chapter adopts a senior citizen home and implements various programs to enhance the lives of the residents. Additionally, each chapter brother serves as a "foster grandson" to one or more residents.

THE PERPETUATION OF THE BLACK MALE PROJECT - A summer educational and cultural enrichment program for black males (ages 15-18), in conjunction with Wilberforce and Central State Universities.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY PROJECT - A program to assist in providing housing for disadvantaged persons.

OMEGA ENDOWED CHAIRS - A program to endow chairs at the 41 United Negro College Fund institutions.

DR. CHARLES R. DREW MEMORIAL BLOOD DRIVE - Established at the 2000 Conclave, each chapter must hold an annual blood drive in June of each year.

UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND - Each year the fraternity gives at least $50,000 to the United Negro College Fund in furtherance of Omega’s perpetual effort to provide philanthropic support to historically black colleges.

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