Student Full NameUchenna Andy Ukonu
High School AttendingCreekside High School
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Expected Graduation Date05/18/2023
Grade Point Average3.8
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Extracurricular Activities

Some extracurricular activities that I have been a part of during my four-year tenure at Creekside High School include Beta Club, National Honors Society, Track and Field, Cross Country, Drama Club, and Royal Court. I have been in all of these of these extracurricular activities during 11th and 12th grade for the exception of Royal Court and Cross Country which I have been a part of in my senior year. During my 11th grade year of Drama Club, I was named Mr. Theatre Arts, which is the title given to the leader of the Theatre Arts department and section of Drama Club. The title also includes being co-president of the Theatre Arts section of Drama Club. As for Royal Court, I was named Mr. Creekside which is the biggest title you can win at my school. With this prestigious title you are seen as the leader of the school and a role model to the underclassmen around you. You are also tasked with helping the Student Government Association (SGA) with helping assist with the events that occur around the school.

Civic/Community Activities

Some community service I have been a part of in recent years include clothes drive for the homeless in Downtown Atlanta, canned food drive, and helping out at a local daycare. The clothes drive that I have done for the homeless was in partnership with the church I attend in Mt.Zion Baptist Church in Fairburn, GA. What have done throughout the years is go to Downtown Atlanta and participate in the drive they have, where not only do we give out clothes, but we have also given out certain essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and more. Even when me and my family are not present at the event, we still feel the conscious need to give clothes and essentials to the church so they can have enough to give out to the homeless and our impact will still be felt. I participated in a canned food drive my 11th grade year in conjunction with Drama Club where we went around the school and asked if as many individuals may give some canned food so we as a club could donate all the proceeds to a local organization or orphanage that might need it. Recently, I have been doing my community service hours with Beta Club that include choosing a group and going to do community service at a local facility. That facility that my group chose is at Mama Rondas Daycare in Union City, GA. What we do whenever we come is whatever work that the daycare needs that the adults might not be able to handle at the moment, such as teaching the kids the basic skillsets that a kid needs before they go off to kindergarten. I have enjoyed doing all of these community service activities because it has given me a chance to see life outside of mines and the struggle that homeless people go through, the amount of canned food that is left at individuals house or at the store that could easily be donated for a better cause, and how the brain can develop at a slow rate when you are a kid but with assistance from older individuals, it can speed up the pace of their learning.

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